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You are just moments away from joining the best granny sex site site in Australia, and all it is going to take you is a small, sixty seconds of your life! GrannyDating.com.au is the biggest and most successful mature sex dating site in the country, and with more likeminded adults meeting up for No Strings Attached Rooting every day, you simply can’t afford to miss getting in on the steamy action.

big tit granny gives great boob wankWhat information do I need to give during sign-up?

The only information we ask for you when you fill in the join form is a name, this can be your first name, or maybe a nickname if you feel more comfortable putting that. Your date of birth – This is important to get right because it helps us determine your age when other members preform a search. If you give the wrong age then you could potentially be missing out on interaction and messages.

An email address, this must be valid and connected to a real email account that you use on a regular basis. We can’t express how critical this step is. If you enter a fake email account, or one you don’t have access too we lose any way of contacting you, and verifying your profile is real. This will damage your chances of success with other members of the site, and will stop you receiving notifications like when you get a new message from a member. If you are worried about receiving spam, or unnecessary mail sent by us, don’t worry. First of all we will only ever send emails relating to this dating site, or one connected to it, and secondly, you have complete control over what emails we send you, this can all be changed when editing your account.

Finally the last thing we require from you before your profile becomes live is a password from you. This can literally be anything you want, but if it’s something new you’ve just made up, make sure you keep a note of it. This is also why we ask you to provide a real email address, if you forget or lose your password will need an email address to be able to send you a new one.

dirty older woman has great boobs with tattoos onWhat happens after my profile is created?

Once you have spent 60 seconds (or less in many cases) filling out the Join form above you will be setup with your own profile on our site. From here you are free to do whatever you want, this is your adult adventure and you can control how little or as far you want to take it. However we do have some little nuggets of golden advice to help you get the most out of your membership.

Add a photo to your profile. This is by far the most important tip we can recommend anyone joining up as a new member. You are 60% more likely to receive messages and interactions from other granny members when you have a clear profile photo present. And this percentage increase to 80% when you upload more than one photo. Why is this such a necessity? Well put it like this. If you can place a face, or multiple faces to a name, you are going to feel much more comfortable and open to have naughtier conversation, which is going to build up and lead somewhere. If you are just a blank picture frame, you are going to find it near on impossible to build up any trust with any member, which means meeting up is pretty much ruled out straight away. So do yourself the biggest favour and make sure you add at least one profile pic to your profile.

Add your interests for other members to search by. If you love receiving or giving blowjobs, then make sure you add it into the interest’s part of your profile! This accomplishes two things. Firstly it gives other members a topic to talk and engage with you on, “Oh hi, I see you really like dogging, there are some great spots in Melbourne I know of” Secondly when another members preforms a search for members they can filter their results by interest. So for example, Cathy 63 from Brisbane really likes her men to have an interest in Anal sex and Swinging, well guess what – If you’ve put those two interests down you are going to appear in Cathy’s search results. This means you are 10 times more likely to get some action then the guy who doesn’t put down his interests.

Stay open minded to get the most out of this dating site.

The most important thing to remember when joining any adult service, is to have fun and remain outgoing and open to opportunity. Don’t join this site with a closed off view on anything. Okay, so you might not be into mature women with big tits, or older grans that love dogging, but don’t close the door straight away, not until you have tried it. Ultimately to get the most out of your membership and the community of members on this website, you don’t want to say no to anything – not until you have given it a go just once, otherwise you are not taking full advantage. Be yourself and go with the flow and you’ll be having more sex than you could ever have dreamt of.