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Welcome to GrannyDating Perth. We have some of the most mature women in Perth who are also seeking sex. Every day we have people messaging us to confirm if this website is real and the women on it are looking for real sex and our answer is always the same, why not sign up and see for yourself.

Signing up to this website is completely free. It takes minutes to sign up and start browsing through all the granny personals in Perth. You will realise quickly that the people on here are genuine.

We have a strict policy when it comes to using our the site. Use it properly to get in touch with people who you would be interested in having a one night stand with. If you are misusing the service or not trying to find grannies to make love to, then please leave.

We have the highest rate of real couples meeting for sex offline than any other website in Perth. We have this because we make sure that every single person who is on our website is a real person actively looking for sex. If we have reason to believe that you have only signed up to look at pictures or if you are not replying to any of the grannies who are trying to get in touch, then you are removed from the site.

Anyone can sign up as long as they are over the ages of 21 but are going to need a valid email address to validate your account, there is an extremely high chance that you are going to bump into people you know on this site. Many of the women who sign up have regular jobs as teachers, office workers and they have uploaded images of themselves completely naked. In order to assure them that other members are not just coming online to just look at them naked, we need a way to make sure that every single person who signs up, is who they say they are.

Signing up to our site is simple and free, within moments of signing up you could be chatting to several different women who are all here to meet new people.

“I joined this site to start having more sex with younger men, and now I am almost having too much sex, I wanted to write into Granny dating to say thank you for revolutionising my sex life. You have made this old lady very happy.”

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"I joined this site not knowing what to expect. I knew I was into Grannies and that sex would be nice, but I had no idea how much sex with real grannies I was going to experience. I have been blown away by the number of real women looking for an erotic encounter. "

Oliver, Bateman, Perth

"My name is Ava, I joined this site, not knowing what to expect. I knew that I was interested in meeting up with a younger man for a bit of fun. The site was straightforward and easy to use and to cut a long story short, I found what I was looking for very quickly. "

Ava, Alexander Heights, Perth

"I have been on many other dating websites in Perth trying to find sex, and none of them came close to this one. The site works, it is packed with real people who are all looking for no strings attached sex which is exactly what I was looking for."

Charlotte, Camillo, Perth