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From Victoria to Queensland, we are beginning to see more swingers signing up to the site.

What do we think makes these members so fabulous?

Some people are secretive swingers, they just want to have a small swinging event where just them, their partner and another couple. Some other swingers are more flamboyant; they like to be open about their swinging activities and love to meet up regularly for group sex. These are what we would consider to be "fabswingers".


Aussie Swingers

In Australia people seem to be very open about their swinging habits. Its seem’s that a lot of nudist turn to swinging. A lot of people who are exhibitionists seem to turn to swinging too. Maybe it’s just because of their open attitude? I mean lets face it, if you are the type of person who likes to get rid of clothes and feel the open air against your naked body, you have to be quite confident or incredibly relaxed about people seeing you. Now, I imagine if you have this level of confidence about nudity, you probably have a similar attitude towards sex.

Well this is just one theory, either way, GrannyDating Australia has a lot of these self confessed fab swingers signing up each day.

So how does it work?

Well, first of all, have a click around our site and have a read. Feel free to click on some of our featured members; this will bring up a micro profile of them so you can have a read and look at a few more images.

If any of our featured members look interesting to you, feel free to send them a message or give a wink from right there in their profile. If, however, none of our featured members appeal to you, then simply sign up and browse through 1000’s of local grannies in your area. On their real profiles, you will be able to read a lot more information on them; from their interest and what kind of men they are looking to meet. 

Swinging Party

Swing Parties

Here is what tends to happen on our site; members can get in touch with each other and create groups of friends they meet up with, for sex. After a while these groups start to expand. In order for new comers to meet all the groups that have formed, lots of sex parties are arranged.

We know about this as lots of pictures are uploaded to the site, to tempt new people to join future parties.

Feeling a bit shy?

The community on our site are incredibly friendly. The great thing about online dating is that you can get to know people a little better before meeting up for the first time. Perhaps you are raring to go, well this site will suit you fine as well. We have 1000’s of members actively signing onto our sites everyday day looking for their next shag. Weather you are married , single, looking for group sex or threesomes; all you have to do is filter your results and browse through the members who suit your interests.

Filtering results

As with most sites you can filter your results by location and appearance. So, for example, you can search for Mature ladies in Sydney who have blonde hair. However, we have such a variety of tastes on our sites, we have taken our search feature one step further. You can now search for sexual tastes, from BDSM to blowjobs.

When you sign up, you don’t just tick boxes about your appearance, we now have all members ticking boxes about their sexual interests. This is great because it means it is easy to sort people by these categories. The best thing about this, is the more specific your search, the higher the chance of meeting someone who will want to meet you too. (As you will have the same interests)

Safety Guaranteed!

All of the women on our site are real! This is something we can absolutely guarantee (unlike any other granny site on the net). But how? Well, over time has grown and grown to a point where we now have a team of people working around the clock (yes literally 24 hours a day) reading through profiles and authenticating photos. If any of the profiles look spammy or fake, we get in touch with these people to confirm they are real members who are actually looking for other members to meet up for sex. On top of this, we have recently paired up with online dating protector. This means we can guarantee every single member on our site really are, who they say they are.

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