Dating a Granny – Things to Remember

For some guys, the idea of dating an older lady is somewhat of a fantasy. The older the better, age is just a number after all… isn’t it? The market is pretty poor for mature women to look for a man of her age, most are happily married and the ones who aren’t have the female gold diggers sniffing at their ankles. So as the competition is so low, give your confidence a boost and live your fantasy.

There are a few vital things you need to remember if you are to start dating a granny:


  1. Dating granniesConfidence: If it’s one thing that she will find attractive, its confidence. Not arrogance, there is a fine line here. Impress her, stand up tall and be a man. She doesn’t want to be with someone who can’t hold eye contact or a conversation so scrub up on these before your first meet up.
  2. Be true to your age: She will be looking for a man who makes her laugh and makes her feel young again. Don’t work too hard at trying to impress her with your maturity; she wants to have a fun time as much as you.
  3. Traditional qualities still count: Keep with the traditional ways, open doors for her, call her first, pay for the bill – all the things you should do but tend to let slip. She wants to be ravished, show her you can do that.
  4. Understand one another needs: Before getting too involved make sure you both know where you stand, whether you are both looking for just some casual fun or if you want a relationship. If the latter remember that family members could find it difficult to understand at first, so be cautious with your approach.
  5. Adult relationship: If you enjoy drama and jealousy in a relationship, you won’t find it here. These women know what they like and how they like it. She won’t go for you if she isn’t interested; if problems arise she will be wise enough to walk away before emotions get involved. Remember she will have many more years’ experience than you and has had her fair share of relationship dramas that she do not want to re-live.After you granny date
  6. Dominating: You might find that she can be a little dominating in the bedroom, which let’s be honest, you will most probably enjoy. She knows exactly what she likes and how she likes it. So if you aren’t afraid or ashamed to be shown around the bedroom department like it’s your first time, enjoy it! With experience being in her court she will have you wrapped around her little finger in no time!
  7. Energy levels: So these can differ between each woman. Keep in mind that she isn’t your age, even if she does have the sex drive of a 20 something year old she may not have the stamina of it anymore. Take things slow; let her tell you when she is ready. Obviously I mean ready for the next date outing.
  8. Just be yourself: That’s all she asks for, to have a fun relationship with a guy much younger than her. To enjoy the freedom and get back to her youth.

Why is it important to give a real email address?

I just wanted to write a quick blog to explain why it is best for you to enter a real email Real emailaddress when signing up to the site.

Before I do, let me explain some of the top reasons why people might be tempted to put fake email address’s in.

  1. Because you don’t want the site to be linked back to you in any way.
  2. Because its quicker
  3. You are not who you say you are.
  4. You don’t want junk mail.

Now let address those points in turn and say why each of these points are bad reasons to enter a fake email.

Because you don’t want the site to be linked back to you in any way.

Genuin Aussie memberAll we ask for on this site is a real email. We do not ask for any other information such as credit card details or address. Your email address is not stored and definitely not shared with any other users. If you wanted to sign up for a browse and then delete you account, we will no longer have your email address and will never contact you again. So there really is no fear anyone being able to find out you had signed up to this website. Once you cancel your account there will be no trace you ever signed up.

Because it’s quicker

We have gone to huge lengths to make the sign up process as fast as possible , with only three steps, you only have to write in two boxes throughout the entire sign up process. That is your password and your email. If you really don’t like having to write out your email you can set your browser to automatically fill in your email.

Also sometimes it can be harder to find a good fake email address as our sign up process can detect email addresses that don’t exist. It might actually be quicker to put your real one in!

You are not who you say you are.

The other reason people put a fake email in is because they are pretending to be someone else. But the problem here is that we pride ourselves on having REAL members in our system that are actually looking for granny rooting. This is why we have such a high number of men and women meeting up for sex. We don’t actually want people on our site who are not who they say they are, this would dilute our database with fake members. SO if this is the reason you are doing it we would rather you not sign up at all.

Junk mail.

You will only get an email if another user has messaged you. Then you will get an alert to say they have. We can also message you if we have deals on, but you can turn both these settings off, if you don’t want additional mail coming to your account.

Now that I have addressed these three reasons I would like to explain in further detail why it is important to use your real email.

The number one reason we want you to use a real email is so that we can contact you if someone is interested in meeting up. Ultimately you are on this site if you are interested in meeting up with someone for sex. But what if you set up a profile and someone likes the look of you and they send you a message? What happens if this person is the type of person you would like to have sex with? You may never get to meet this person if you put in a fake email address? What happens if another six people like this have the same problem. That could be quite a lot of sex you would be missing out on just because you put a fake email in.

As I have said before, our main goal is to get you more sex. We know you don’t want to spend all day on our site. But we also know if someone messages you looking for mature sex, then you are going to want to write back pretty fast. Email alerts are the best way to let you know that someone has messaged you while your offline.

Quick tip.

Perhaps your still not convinced. Well why not set up a spare gmail account. Which you could use to sign up to erotic dating sites. That way you are still using a real email address but just not one you use day to day. One you could have just for all your dirty messages.



Have more Senior Sex with Online Dating

Find sex with senior members at’s common knowledge that finding sex offline, in the real, physical world, can be a tough process. Unfortunately guys are really up against it, even more so when they want to find that special, dirty older woman for senior sex and to be naughty in the bedroom. It’s a competitive world out there in the bars and nightclubs of your local town, city or area, and it’s one that is ruled by alpha males looking to assert their domination on all the women you would love to fuck. So unless you’re prepared to throw yourself in the deep end, and take he necessary steps to rival your male opponents for the attention and bedroom blessing of these ladies there’s not much you can do….. Or is there?

Luckily there is a savior among us. One that caters for your sexual needs in an environment that will give you the time and space to approach as many grannies as you so wish. That place is accessible from any computer, tablet or mobile device, is always open for business and only attracts people who share the same sexual interests as you. That place my friends is a senior dating website that has been around for 6 years, has millions of active members, and offers a free membership trial to anyone new or curious about joining. Of course are talking about the premium Australian mature sex dating site. But before you go jumping into your free trial and meeting up to fuck a granny let us go through the benefits and negatives of offline dating Vs Online Dating.

Offline Dating

  • Loads of alpha males who you have to compete with.
  • Approaching older women who might not be into you.
  • Spending money on buying drinks and club entries.
  • Having to face rejection 9 times out 10, just so you can find that 1 who will give you a minute of her time.
  • Putting up with time wasters and girls with ‘princess’ style personalities.
  • Spending time and effort getting ready to go out every night.
  • Even when you find a senior partner she might not share your interests in the bedroom.
  • Being cock blocked by every guy in a club.
  • Shouting over pumping music just to try and explain what you do for a living to a woman who isn’t even interested in you anyway.
  • The best outcome is only ever going to be a drunk, one night stand.

Online Adult Dating

  • There is so much variety you can join a website that caters specifically to your needs and interests.
  • You can message as many or as little women as you want.
  • A premium membership for a month will cost you around half of what you spend on a night out trying to pull.
  • You can share photos and videos while you organise a NSA hook-up.
  • There are so many members with varying interests you’ll always find like-minded partners.
  • Providing you don’t live on a farm in the middle of nowhere you’ll be surrounded by local members looking to meet up.
  • You have the chance to make long term mature fuck-buddies
  • It’s an exciting and thrilling environment where you can take charge of the results.
  • More chances to find sex with a senior than any other scenario.

hot senior is looking for sex with younger guysSo there you have it,. A comprehensive list that we created from the feedback and honesty of the men we asked. You can see that generally the experiences guys have finding their mature partners online is much more compelling than there offline equivalent. This to us makes perfect sense, why would you want to put yourself in a noisy, testosterone filled night club environment, where you have to approach hundreds of ladies just to get a minute to impress one, when you could be anywhere, using your phone to send and receive sexy messages and organising NSA local hookups? It appears an obvious choice to us, albeit a fairly biased one.

Anyway there you have it, the pros and cons of meeting offline and online for senior sex dates in Aus. I hope that you will have found some use from this article and if you have than we encourage you to try out your free membership trial now.

Granny Rooting

It’s a little known fact that older women are way, WAY more hornier than their younger equivalents. This is incredible news for any of the male members already using our mature sex dating service, because you are much more likely to find an experienced older woman for granny rooting. If you’re not already a member enjoying the benefits of a successful sex life, then over the next few paragraphs we are going to do our best to convince you why you should be! So join us now as we give you all the facts you need to know on getting a dirty grannie into bed.

Make sure you search for mature sex in your local area

hot granny looking for local sex in AustraliaSo before you can be naughty and move things into the bedroom, you firstly need to make sure you are giving yourself the best possible opportunity of meeting older women for sex. Considering the vast size of Australia you really want to be refining your search efforts into a 5 – 10 mile radius to your home. Why is this? Well the main reason being that if you meet someone who lives on the other side of the country then your chances of meeting for regular NSA fun are going to be limited. Unless of course one of you has a jet pack, or teleporter available for use? We didn’t think so, so your best bet is to just find rooting partners who are close to you so you meet up at a moments notice.

The best way to search for these horny women is by preforming a search using the tool on our dating platform – this brings up a list of members online and active who are also looking to hook-up. If you’re not a member on our site there are other ways you could source local mature pussy. Bars and clubs might be a good start, but can be a bit daunting. You could then of course use coffee shops or book shops in the day – but just make sure you are confident enough to approach, because you’re going to rejected a lot before you find that special someone.

If you are using the local search tool on our website and you’re struggling to find anyone within the 5 – 10 mile radius to you, then start expanding by increments of 20 until you do. But we’re pretty sure that within the first search you do you’ll more than likely pick out a handful of females that fit your sexual interests. If you are attempting offline efforts to find a root-buddy, we suggest you just keep on trying, eventually you’ll have spoke to enough women to make a connection with one.

Make an introduction to get the ball rolling

granny meets up with two regular root buddiesOnce you have met the right older woman, either online using our website, or offline using your own methods it’s time to start up a conversation. The grannies on are all interested in no strings sex – otherwise they would never have signed up! So take a look at the interests listed on their profile to find good topics for conversation. It’s good to go in stating your intentions from the start, but don’t be too strong, you don’t want to put them off you. So open with something flirty and causal, maybe like, “I see you like giving oral, that’s interesting because I really like receiving it!” This is a good way to break the ice, and is quite sexy, but without being too explicit for your first introduction.

If you’re trying to start a conversation going with someone you have approached, again take into account the setting and environment you are in. You are going to have to work harder to keep their attention, and opening with something sexual like the line above probably isn’t going to work, as you’re not going to know their intentions or interests. We suggest trying something less flirty to start with. You’ll have more chance with just being nice and friendly, and then hoping you can build on that. You’re going to find it hard knowing which mature woman is going to respond best to you, so you’ll have to put in a lot more time and effort in opening conversation. That’s the brilliant thing about using a rooting service like ours, you already know all the women are looking for some sort of sexual encounter from the get-go.

Once you’re talking move things to the bedroom

our members have tons of different interests in the bedroomSo now you’ve got the attention of a potential fuck buddy it’s time to go in for the kill (not literally obviously) and try and arrange a meet up. Start by meeting up for a few drinks at a local bar, or some other public place. Before you meet up make sure you’re both on the same wave length and know how the evenings going to play out. You’ll know all this from the messages you’ve been sending each other, and by this point you’ll both be so horny for each other meeting for drinks will just be an excuse to be polite before you can get down to the real naughty stuff.

It really is that simple to meet find granny rooting if you’re using an online sex service like the one we provide. We wouldn’t be considered the number 1 grannydating site in Australia if our members weren’t hooking up. We have got over 8 years of experience and are trusted by millions of members, so starting out with us really is going to give you the best possible chance of success. If you’re still trying to secure that sex date without using a dating site, we wish you the best of luck, we know how hard it is which is why we started up 8 years ago to make the process a whole lot easier!

If you’re curious to try our website you can sign up