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Why not BeNaughty on Whether you are looking for a casual affair or a full time fuck buddy, is absolutely full of Australian Grannies ready to get filthy. So why not join in the action?

Mature women be naughty

So what do I mean by being naughty?

I suppose I’m talking about, getting up to a bit of mischief (of the sexual kind). Perhaps you have a wife or husband already and just thought you might like to have a bit of a flirt with someone, online. Maybe you happen to have a sexual appetite from Grannies?

Or, perhaps this is all a bit tame for you? Well do not fear, if you fancy actually meeting up with a granny to fulfil, real sexual fantasies, we can also help you out.

Different types of mature women.

There are grannies on GrannyDating Australia who just want to be naughty over instant messaging. However we also have a fair few grans who want to increase their sex lives by meeting up with as many sexual partners as they can.

I would not be able to say why, but the women on this site are dirtier than the men!

Perhaps they feel, they need to inject some fun back into their lives? Perhaps their partner has fallen ill and they are meeting up with new men to have an affair? Perhaps they are just grateful that they have found a site full of men ready to fuck them?

Why did we start the site?

You see, we had a theory when we first released this site that women of a mature age, were just as horny as ever. We know there are lots of men out there who would love to have a sexual experience with an older woman, but are too shy to approach them in the street. The problem is, even though there are men and grannies out there, looking to get naughty with one another, they don’t know about each other. So this site was created as a way for men and women to just get in contact. My god, it's refreshing to see women openly admitting in their profiles that they want to meet up for sex, and actually I think women find this equally as liberating as the men.

granny being naughty in bed

How to meet?

Well, you can meet women offline or online. Some men are a bit more confident and much prefer to meet women offline. They like the hard approach of going up to sexy women, chatting them up and potentially being able to get a shag out of it. But for most men, this is terrifying. Especially if you haven’t chatted up women for a few years. Some men like to just be able to browse through profiles online and learn more about a person, before sending them a message (from the comfort of their own home).

That is where we are here to help; finding women online is getting easier and easier. The main reason for this, is that online dating is becoming much more acceptable all of the world, especially here in Australia. This means that women are more likely to sign up. It all has a knock on effect because the more women, means the more selection for men.

It really is as simple as signing up to, searching for women in your area and messaging the ones you like.

Filter System

On top of this, we have even added additional filtering systems incase you have a certain "type" of woman you are attracted to. It is pointless going through 1000’s of local personals, if you are only really interested in getting naughty with blondes. We realised this quite quickly so allowed men to filter their results on appearance, and if this wasn’t enough, we have recently added features for men and women to filter their profile results down to sexual tastes. So now, you could search for local matures in Sydney with brown hair, blue eyes, who enjoy giving blowjobs.

Give it a go, there are loads!

Safety and security

This site has been design to be as safe, and easy to use as possible. We have teams of people working around the clock to make sure all members on this site are real. On top of that, we work closely with online dating protector to verify every profile. We want to make sure this experience is worth every penny and we very rarely hear otherwise. However, if you have any issues at all, please do not hesitate to contact us!