About Us

Hello, and welcome to GrannyDating in Australia,

If you're reading this you are probably new to our service and looking for a bit of information on our background and the story of our unique, and exciting sex dating website. In fact we are happy you have taken the time to browse the content on this page, it shows that you are a responsible online dater, who is looking to gain confidence in a brand before committing and signing up as a member. That is exactly what everyone who is considering joining an adult site should be doing. At times there has been a lot of reservation and negative press surrounding online dating as a market and service, so anyone thinking of joining should take some time to find out the history and interest of any site they are considering. Unfortunately it only takes a few bad experiences and terrible dating sites to potentially ruin the fun for what is an incredibly exciting experience. So let us try and explain now why investing your time and effort into grannydating.com.au will bring you so many rewards.

So what exactly is grannydating.com.au? Well as you've probably guessed it is a dating site. But one with a difference. It is unique in offering a sex service to adults living all over Australia. Eight years ago we launched our very first website in the UK, and immediately saw a massive interest and curiosity in the fetish of meeting up and having sex with older women. So much so that within the first year we went from having 0 members to around half a million. We saw that single guys were meeting up on a regular basis with older women for no strings sex, a service and fantasy, that up until we launched in 2006, had not yet been explored online. At long last their was a service for mature women, in the prime of their sexual drive, to search for and find younger guys. Our popularity didn't go unnoticed by other dating organisations trying to cash in on our hard work. Soon enough there were several copycat sites, trying to get a slice of the pie we had baked. Which is why you have probably seen a few sites on offer that share a very similar theme and fetish as ours. All we can say to that is, don't put a lot of faith or trust in these copy cat sites. For 8 years we have seen them spring up and disappear again, they never last very long because they don't have the knowledge or passion for running a bespoke mature sex dating site. Make sure you only choose the best, the number #1 site on the web, and we truly believe that is us, if we didn't we wouldn't be taking the time to let you know about us!

So why would you want to join this site and the hundreds of thousands of members already active? Well simply put, do you want sex with a red hot woman? Are you looking to fufil a fantasy that you have had for years, and up until now didn't know there was a place you could fulfill it? Do you wish you could stop wanking over those videos of granny slags and actually be in one (figuratively speaking of course, although we have had some members contact us with their steamy videos they've filmed)? If you answered yes to all those questions than this is definitely the dating site for you, and believe us you are in for a treat when you see the potential partners you could be meeting here. From Perth right across to Brisbane we have got local members online,active and meeting up daily for no strings older sex. So if the idea of bagging yourself a red hot wife, or a dirty horny sheila, as a regular mature fuck-buddy turns you on, then we're glad to be of service.

You now might be wondering if this site is safe to join and whether you're going to run into any problems with privacy, having your discreet or confidential information shared, etc. Well to help counter those thoughts we have put together a lengthy and detailed Frequently asked Questions page, which you can get to by clicking here. But we will also briefly run into all the safety and security features and tools we actively promote and utilise to make sure you have the best possible experience, whilst remaining completely safe and secure.

Hopefully that has put your mind at rest regarding safety and security issues, we know they are important to a lot of people, especially those who are more mature in age, and might just now be getting online and finding out about websites like ours. We feel that being completely open and honest about the tools and features we provide gives people more confidence, and allow them to put more trust into our brand and service. So you now you know that you will be completely safe, you might be wondering what happens once you sign up for an account. Well that is when things get really exciting, and you will have access to our platform where you'll be able to chat and flirt with all the members you want. From here you can browse profiles, arrange dates, look at photos, everything you would want to be able to do when it comes to online dating. In fact our platform is forever evolving, as we upgrade the tools and features we give each member, and improve on the existing ones. Currently these are the best tools and features we provide each member when they join our site.

We give any premium member these exciting tools so they can make the most of their experience on our exciting and steamy website. However we also know that not everyone is willing to indulge in a premium membership without first testing the waters, and making sure the site is right for them. That is why we offer a free trial membership to anyone considering grannydating.com.au. During this trial period you will have access to a stripped back profile that will include some of the features and tools highlighted above. This might not sound terribly exciting, but we promise it will give you a great taste of our service and platform, and help you finally decide that this is the site for you. If you are interested in signing up for that trial membership (something we highly recommend anyone to do), Please click here.

That is pretty much all we wanted to cover in this about us section of the site. Hopefully it has helped you build up some trust and confidence in our brand, and what we offer. If you are thinking of joining us, we can't wait to have you on-board and hope you are prepared for a wild, exciting experience! If we've not tempted you and you're going elsewhere, we wish you the best of luck and hope to see you again once you've realised it was no where near as good as GrannyDating.com.au is. 

All the best,

The GrannyDating Australia Team