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Filtering Through our Australian Members

I wanted to make a quick video to show our members how easy it is to filter through the women on the site to find the perfect sexual match for them. On the site you can filter your results down to very specific things but the main options are

  1. Location.
  2. Age.
  3. Appearance.
  4. Sexual acts you like to perform on others.
  5. Sexual acts you like to happen to you.

As you can see from the video, it is incredibly easy to do this. All you have to do is go through all the options on the left hand side and enter the information that is relevant to you.

Here are a couple of things to bear in mind as you are filling in the information.


Image to show how easy it is to filter members
Filter women with any of the above feilds

Firstly you have to decide where you would like to meet up with a Granny to have sex. Perhaps you live in Sydney and just want to meet someone from Sydney. Maybe you work away and would like to meet a mature lady for sex while you are way. Either, get creative or just choose a location that is easy for you.


All the women on this site are older than 40 but you might be looking for something more specific. Perhaps you are looking for a much older woman, in which case you could select women between 80-90? Or you could just keep it open so you can see all women.


We suggest you tick the box to only view women with an image. Appearance is important when it comes to sex. You need to have sex with someone you like the look of. It might be an idea to make a list of your “type”. Think of body shape. Maybe you like your woman with a bit of meat on her? Perhaps you like a thin woman. In this section you can enter everything from hair colour to height.

Sexual acts you like to perform on others.

Image to show how easy it is to filter members
Filter women with any of the above feilds

These next two are really the options that set us apart from other sex dating sites. Search for the women you like based on your sexual tastes. Since this is a sex dating site, it is important that you can find a woman who match your tastes in the bedroom. Imagine dating a mature lady for months, then when you finally get her in the bedroom, she isn’t interested in giving blowjobs, or perhaps she doesn’t like anal and you do. It is important to get to the bottom of this as soon as possible. Click on interest and select your sexual fantasies. Maybe you like sex outdoors or swinging events.

Sexual acts you like to happen to you.

Maybe you love to be dominated or just enjoy having a blowjob. This is the section where you can specify what you like to have done to you in the bedroom. This will automatically pair you up with women who say they enjoy performing those acts. That means before you even speak to these women, you know what they are capable of in the bedroom.

We have made the site as easy to use as possible. If there is a part of the website that you find difficult to use, do not hesitate to get in touch and let us know.

Older Dating

Join an older dating site for no strings sex and meeting mature f-buddies

granny member loves older dating sitesThere are a variety of online dating sites to choose from. A simple search for, ‘adult dating’ brings up a vast, and forever expanding list of endless possibilities. It’s easy to feel stuck in the muddy, swampy waters of the dating world. As you spin around helpless, asking questions to yourself like, ‘which is the best site’, ‘are these members real’, ‘will I meet members for sex?’ It’s enough to put you off altogether, but there is a small saving grace, if it’s older dating you are after, then grannydating Australia is here to help you. We manage a mature sex dating platform that caters for the needs, and interests of young guys, and dirty older grannies. So if you’re looking to get your end away with a horny older lass, then check out what we have to offer. Will be that helping hand to pull you out those troubled dating waters.

What’s so good about shagging senior women?

There are so many benefits to having sex with senior slags in Aussie. First of all, older women are an altogether different kettle of fish compared to those half their age. To start with they’re not into running the same bullshit games as those half their age, which instantly makes them ten times more appealing and attractive. However the benefits don’t stop there, just check out these amazing reasons why old babes are so exciting to date:

  • Won’t mess you around like younger girls
  • Are dominate in the bedroom
  • Have years of experience on turning men on
  • Love to experiment and always up for trying new things
  • Hands down give the best blowjobs
  • Will wear erotic underwear like garters, suspenders and fishnets
  • Have uploaded 1000s of dirty photos and videos
  • Are more available for dating due to their living circumstances
  • Have higher sex drives than women half their age
  • Are up for meeting multiple fuck buddies across Australia

This site is perfect for horny, young guys.

granny dating can improve your sex lifeIf you are a younger guy you have probably at some point famished about sharing your bed with an experienced, older granny. And why the hell not? It’s a very popular and exciting prospect. In fact you might very well have a granny, or mature fetish, in which case you really are in the best place to fulfil it. We have 1000’s of red hot wives and mature ladies active, and online, waiting at their computer for spunky, younger bucks to message them and start an interaction. After all nothing starts without a bit of effort, but we are talking minimal effort here guys, in fact it’s a lot of fun. All you have to do is use our search feature, you can even add in your favourite interests, so for example if you want to meet a woman over 60, living in Melbourne and loves anal sex, bingo – you’ve just got 30 possible matches. Then it’s just a case of sending a few messages, and hey presto you got the ball rolling, and the possibilities of a sexual meetup is on the cards.

Older dirty women we help improve your sex lives.

As ladies get old, life situations change. Sometimes our husbands or partners break up with us, sometimes we break up with them, sadly they might pass away, or perhaps we have never been in that type of relationship. Whatever your situation is right now, if it’s not satisfying you sexually, then it’s time to change it. You don’t deserve to carry out the rest of your life feeling deprived and deflated. Don’t worry, help is at hand, and it comes in the form of our sexually frustrated young male members who have an appetite for sex, and willingness to learn everything your experience want’s to teach them. We can 110% promise you there is a cock out there that want’s to fill your hole, in fact there are hundreds, if not thousands in your local area of Australia, just gagging to get a chance to show you how much you mean to them. So stop putting it off, quit thinking tomorrow you’ll do something about it, make the change today and within a few days we guarantee you’ll see a huge improvement in your sex life.

granny fuck positions

Fuck a granny with any of these 5 sex positions and she’ll be gagging for more

If you are looking to fuck a granny with our online adult sex service than you’ll probably want to know which positions drive our mature members wild? Well thank fully for you we have put together a list of our top 5 hottest sex positions. These are in no way an order of best to worse, they are just five positions that really get our grannies going wild. So if you want to enjoy a deep, passionate connection and have all the pleasure to boot, get a pencil and pad and learn what we are about to teach you. Once you use any of these positions on her, she’ll be gagging to come back for more!

Position 1: Speed Bump

fuck a granny like this tonight with our adult serivceAs the name suggest this position is great for speed. It’s fast and passionate and the angle you can work will really allow you to drill deep into her from behind.

To get into this position you’ll want to grab some cushions and place them under your older partners belly and pelvic area. Then lie on top, with your legs split either side of the mature beneath you. Make her open her legs so you can place your hard shaft right deep inside her moist aged pussy, then just pump away like a human shotgun.

This one can get a bit sweaty because your so close to each other. If you don’t like the idea of working up a sweat, it’s probably not for you.

We rate this position 3/5 for difficulty but 4/5 for fun.

Position 2: The Spider

if you are a fan of lazy sex then this is great to tryThis position is great if you are a fan of long, slow prolonged build-ups that really work both you and your companion into a fit of complete orgasmic ecstasy. It’s great for a senior lady as she has the chance to just lay on her back and allow you to work your prick deep inside her matured gash.

This is a bit of an awkward position to get into and might take a few attempts. Start by wrapping your legs around the old slag in front of you, and getting her to put her legs inside of yours. Insert yourself in and then both lean back, making sure to grab each others knees for support, this also works well if you don’t consider yourself well endowed, as you can force pressure on her legs pulling them forward to cover more of your cock.

The downside here is that it’s quite a frustrating position to get right, so you might have to endure a few attempts until you get it right. Not for those who are bored easily.

We rate the spider 5/5 for difficulty and 4/5 for fun.

Position 3: Sexy Spoons

meet grannies for all types of sex and fetishes nowThis is another great position for couples who are fans of slow, intimate sex. Might not be a great position to try on a first encounter, as it’s more for experienced couples who are familiar with each others bodies. Not just a quickie from a member who you only messaged the night before after a few pints. Even still, it’s definitely worth remember for any mature f-buddies you are seeing.

Get her on the bed, or at least somewhere semi comfortable, as this one involves both of you lying down. Once you are in the spoon position get her to bend her legs slightly so that she forces her butt right out towards your groin. Then slide your cock right in, and grab her tits to play with as you find your rhythm and pound back-and-forth.

Again the main negative here is that it can be a bit of a handful to get into, but stick with it and you will progress to ultimate satisfaction.

We rate this one 4/5 for difficulty and 5/5 for enjoyment.

Position 4: The Man Trap

Try all these sex positions and so many more on our mature sex dating siteThis is another prime position for any senior candidate as it doesn’t require your grannie partner to move much. If you’ve worn her out with something else, like cow girl, or girl-on-top where she has done a lot of the work, treat her with something where she can lay back and just let you pump away.

This is similar to missionary, but has a bit more excitement to it by the inclusion of her wrapping her legs over the back of yours. This brings you closer together and will keep a tight vacuum around her red hot pussy as you slowly work your manhood in and out. try and maintain eye contact for that sustained sexual connection.

If getting on top is just boring as sin for you, then this probably won’t float your boat. Although we do think it’s the best alternative to the standard missionary sex position.

We’ve rated this 1/5 for difficulty and 3/5 for pleasure.

Position 5: Lap Love

Meet red hot mature women online for NSA sex and datesThis final sex position is great for mature women as it really works at their G-spot. We would recommend finishing off with something like this, as it’s a bit of fun whilst being completely unforgeable for her, and easy for you to navigate into. After you’ve preformed this move she sure won’t be forgetting to message you again!

Sit yourself down on the bed, or floor with you legs out in front of you. Now get your granny to sit facing you, on your lap with her legs either side of your torso. Now place yourself inside her slit and start to work both you and her up to a simultaneous orgasm.

If you don’t consider yourself a very strong guy, this one might cause dead legs quite quickly, but juts stay with it, the climax will be well worth the pain.

We have to rate this one 2/5 for difficulty and 5/5 for orgasm potential.

Dating a Granny – Things to Remember

For some guys, the idea of dating an older lady is somewhat of a fantasy. The older the better, age is just a number after all… isn’t it? The market is pretty poor for mature women to look for a man of her age, most are happily married and the ones who aren’t have the female gold diggers sniffing at their ankles. So as the competition is so low, give your confidence a boost and live your fantasy.

There are a few vital things you need to remember if you are to start dating a granny:


  1. Dating granniesConfidence: If it’s one thing that she will find attractive, its confidence. Not arrogance, there is a fine line here. Impress her, stand up tall and be a man. She doesn’t want to be with someone who can’t hold eye contact or a conversation so scrub up on these before your first meet up.
  2. Be true to your age: She will be looking for a man who makes her laugh and makes her feel young again. Don’t work too hard at trying to impress her with your maturity; she wants to have a fun time as much as you.
  3. Traditional qualities still count: Keep with the traditional ways, open doors for her, call her first, pay for the bill – all the things you should do but tend to let slip. She wants to be ravished, show her you can do that.
  4. Understand one another needs: Before getting too involved make sure you both know where you stand, whether you are both looking for just some casual fun or if you want a relationship. If the latter remember that family members could find it difficult to understand at first, so be cautious with your approach.
  5. Adult relationship: If you enjoy drama and jealousy in a relationship, you won’t find it here. These women know what they like and how they like it. She won’t go for you if she isn’t interested; if problems arise she will be wise enough to walk away before emotions get involved. Remember she will have many more years’ experience than you and has had her fair share of relationship dramas that she do not want to re-live.After you granny date
  6. Dominating: You might find that she can be a little dominating in the bedroom, which let’s be honest, you will most probably enjoy. She knows exactly what she likes and how she likes it. So if you aren’t afraid or ashamed to be shown around the bedroom department like it’s your first time, enjoy it! With experience being in her court she will have you wrapped around her little finger in no time!
  7. Energy levels: So these can differ between each woman. Keep in mind that she isn’t your age, even if she does have the sex drive of a 20 something year old she may not have the stamina of it anymore. Take things slow; let her tell you when she is ready. Obviously I mean ready for the next date outing.
  8. Just be yourself: That’s all she asks for, to have a fun relationship with a guy much younger than her. To enjoy the freedom and get back to her youth.