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Would you rather fuck Joan Sutherland when she was Young or Old?

Older or younger?
Older or younger?

Joan Sutherland was one of Australia’s most famous Opera singers. She has sung with singers such as Pavarotti and even performed to the Russian Tsar and the King of Switzerland. However, here at, we mainly saw her as a sex icon. The question is did you find her more fuckable when she was younger or when she got slightly older?

Need a little bit of time to jog your memory, check out these two videos of Joan

Click here to see her when she was younger

Click here to see her when she was a sexy cougar

We have asked a cross section of our database which one they would prefer. If you are not a member and would like to get involved, contact us through our twitter or facebook account. We might very well publish your thoughts on our blog. If we do we will also give you a years free membership to our erotic mature dating site.

With a lot of men, they would of found Joan Sutherland sexy when she was younger and as they grew older at the same time as Joan, simply continued to find her looks a turn on, but for many other men, they will simply preferred to give Joan a good rooting as she started to get a little more wrinkly.

We don’t really know why, all we know is these experienced women get us hard! In this day and age, this doesn’t need to be just a fantasy. Grannydating is bringing men together all over the world for fun. If you are the type of guy who likes the idea of getting between the sheets with an erotic gran, sign up and meet up with a hot older woman who lives near you today!

What to wear when Mature dating

woman going Mature dating
Ready for a mature date

So you’ve struck gold and found yourself a smooth date, your next challenge is what to wear…

As we grow older we become more confident in the skin we are in, however when it comes to clothing inspiration for dates the options just don’t tend to fill us with excitement. Shops on the high-street seem cater to the young teens; no one past the age of 30 can pull off a crop top, let alone us 50somethings.

So we’ve strung some ideas together to help you find that perfect outfit in your wardrobe by simply jazzing it up with a few accessories.

*Always chose something you are comfortable in, no one wants to feel uncomfortable during a date and if you are worried how you look it will show.

*Depending on your date, heels should be worn even if a low heel. It will help your posture as well as add a little extra height. However if there is to be a lot of walking during your date, opt for a smart flat.

lingerie for a date
Mature granny knickers

*Throw a modern jacket on top of your outfit; if you are daring enough and own a leather jacket, wear it. It would look great with dresses or trousers as it will create a modern edgy look.

*Add some colour to your outfit, if you prefer wearing black then add a bright bag or shoe to help modernise your look. Or if you are a colour wearer, embrace it as it will help show off your personality.

*Keep make-up to the minimum. Eyes are the window to your soul so keep them defined, add a little colour to cheeks and lips but don’t go heavy on the eyelids! Too much make up can date your face so keep it simple and natural.

*Wear the jewellery that makes you feel special, whether it be costume jewellery, delicate jewellery or even chunky it’s a simple way to spruce up a otherwise plain outfit. Items that have some history would be a great talking/bonding point to reminisce over how the good old days used to be.

*If it’s within your budget and you haven’t brought a new outfit, get your hair done. We all know that a bit of pampering can make us feel like a movie start, so to help your confidence shine through, treat yourself to a new hair style or a simple but effective blow dry.



Dogging AU – The Basic Rules

fuck mature grannies while their partners watchHere at, we like to think we offer our users all aspects of frisky fetishes for our cherished members. We have a wide array of sub-niches available for you to get involved in and are more than happy to offer advice on how to get involved in certain circles within this underground world. Last week we offered you some valuable advice on the dos and don’ts for swinging. Swinging is one thing, but what about swinging outside?

Dogging is increasing in popularity ever since an increase in publicity a few years ago, and why not – It’s a great activity to spice things up in the bedroom and as long as you do your research and follow a few simple rules there is no reason as to why you can’t enjoy a little bit of fun outdoors, with or without a partner.

Things to do:

  1. Wear a condom, someone with only half a brain will know better than to get involved sexually with someone they don’t know without protecting themselves.
  2. Wait for a signal or invite from the other party involved, usually if you’re in a car this is a flash of the headlights for fun outside, or a flash of the light inside, if you want the fun to start inside the car.
  3. Arrange your session with a small group of people, if you’ve invited people to a certain location. You can be sure of who is going to get involved and you can be guaranteed of no nasty surprises.
  4. Clean Up! – The Last thing you want is to find a great location for your new found hobby and then get banned from using it because there’s used condoms all over the place and before you know it, your favourite location becomes “a dogging spot”

Things to not do!

  1. find the hottest dogging sites in Australia with our siteWhatever you do, don’t go storming into a group sex situation with your cock out expecting it to get sucked! This will not go down well, just go with the flow, and enjoy every step of the way.
  2. Avoid, like the plague dogger meets that have been organised on forum boards. The chances are these will be full of men and will not be very safe, especially if you’re going with a female partner!
  3. Ask first if you’re planning on taking photos or videos. Not everyone will enjoy the idea of everyone on Facebook or twitter seeing them get fucked by multiple guys over a car bonnet. Be respectful
  4. Never ass-ume. Just because you’ve gone to meet people for some outdoor sex or public intercourse this doesn’t necessarily mean that they will let you do whatever you want. Ask first, but if they’re up for some bum-fun, fill your boots.

Stick to these 8 rules and your dogging experience will only be good.

Sex with older women

In this blog we are going to explore why having sex with older women is better than having sex with the younger ones. Here are some of the main benefits.

1. Older women are more experienced.

2. They know exactly what they want.

3. They have more time on their hands.

4. It is more exciting for them to have a night of passion.

5. Eager to please

These are some of the top reasons why older women might just be the best at having sex. Lets explore each of these points in more detail.

Older women are more experienced.

woman with large breasts looking for sexLets face it, whether these women are complete granny sluts and have been having sex all the time for the last 50 years, or if they have been married for 25 years. The chances are by their age they have had quite alot of sex. The more sex you have, the more experience you have. These women will know all the tricks by now. Unlike some of the younger women, who have no idea how to give a good blow job. Also because of their experience, they have probably done every sexual thing you can image. So it is less embarrassing asking them for anal sex or a rim job than it might be to ask a younger girl.

They know exactly what they want.

Past a certain age, there is no point in “beating around the bush”. These women know that, that is why they signed up to a site called They know what they want and they don’t have time to mess around with all the other stuff. They have decided that they want to have more sex in their lives. This means they don’t want to sit around drinking tea. They literally want to fuck. If you can help them out, then sign up if not then this probably isn’t the site for you.

They have more time on their hands.

Not all, but the majority of the women on this site are divorced, widowed, retired. This means they have more time on their hands than an average 28 year old who is busy with work or spending time with a boyfriend or husband. That means, more time for sex. A lot of the younger men on this site, visit their granny fuck buddy during the lunch break as they know they will most likely be at home. It’s very convenient to have a granny as a fuck buddy because of these reasons.

It is more exciting for them to have a night of passion.

A lot of the women on this site will have been having sex with the same person for the last twenty years. Now even though this has probably been keeping them satisfied. It’s not exactly the most exciting thing in the world. I mean having sex with the same person for a few months can begin to get tiring, let alone 20/30 years. So suddenly having a new younger man in bed with them can be a very erotic time! As we all know, sex and excitement go hand in hand. The more excited you are in bed the more aroused you get. This is yet another reason why getting an older woman in the sack can be a better experience for you than a younger girl!

Sexy older lady Eager to please

Because of all the reasons mentioned above this can often lead to these sexy older ladies putting a bit more effort in. The more effort they put in, the less you have to put in. In fact some times you can just kick back and allow them to please you in ways you have never been pleased before. Perhaps one night can be all about you and the next night can be all about them.

Taking all of the above points into consideration it is not hard to work out why more and more men are deciding to look for an older lady in their lives just to shag. Why not give it a go? It might be the best sex youhave ever had in your life!